Sunday, January 25, 2009

Learn To Cook Part 1

Identifying and buying fresh fish

It can be hard to know if the fish you are about to buy is really fresh and there is a lot of talk lately about how buying frozen fish is actually fresher and while to a certain extent this can be true, it is still possible to get fresh fish which in my opinion is a better option, I think something is lost when you freeze fish.

Here are a few tips to help you when choosing fresh fish

First and obviously, buy from a clean fish shop, although fish shops will naturally smell of fish, the smell should not be overwhelming. Look around you and make sure of the following

There should only be a slight sea smell from the fish, if it smells too fishy, it's not fresh

Fish should be bright and slippery looking in apperance

The white underskin of white fish should look really white, not tinged yellow

The skin should be moist and unbroken

Scales should not come off easily

The eyes should be bright and bulging

The gills should be bright red

The flesh should be firm to touch

Markings should be bright and clear

Although it is not a legal requirement I prefer when the employee wears gloves, many don't and cooking the fish will get rid of any bacteria etc but if you prefer, don't hesitate to ask them to put on gloves, I am sure they have some!

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