Thursday, March 12, 2009

Learn To Cook Part 2

Freezing and thawing food

Guidelines to freezing and thawing food at home

  • All frozen food should be sealed - no open wrappers, if you open bread for example but you want to freeze the rest, put it in a new freezer bag.
  • Your freezer should be kept at -18C or less
  • Always follow your freezer manufacturer storage guidelines on how long food can be kept, many people do not follow these guidelines but it is important to do so as the frozen food will deteriorate after the storage date
  • For the above reason you should always mark the bag or container with the freezing date before you freeze it.
  • Frozen food must always be fully thawed before cooking especially chicken unless the packaging states it can be "cooked from frozen"
  • Defrost frozen food in the fridge - the bonus to this is it can actually help to cut the running cost of your refridgerator as the frozen food keeps the temperature in your fridge lower, meaning your fridge has to work less to maintain the required temperature
  • Freezers should be defrosted regularly
  • Never re-freeze food that has not been first fullycooked
  • Do not freeze food that is still hot, allow it to cool first before freezing
  • Never use hot water or other methods to defrost food, allow time to defrost in the fridge.

Later in this learn to cook series I will be posting about
  • the different cuts of meat and their common uses,
  • Baking terms and an introduction to pastry, and a very useful list of recipe ingredient substitutes for when you run out of one ingredient essential to your dish

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